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Multipass is an NFT based whitelist/mintlist solution available as a service giving potential owners access to a curated list of projects and the opportunity to be part of their respective whitelist.

How it works

Multipass is part of a 10k collection provisionally calculated at a 0.1ETH

After acquisition and minting, an owner would receive three-month access to project lists and whitelist raffle access

After initial, the three months to maintain a subscription active would come at a proposed cost of 0.03ETH / month

Private Discord and website access is based on Multipass ownership, active subscription being required to access both

Benefits for Multipass owners


Fair chance algorithm


Access to curated/vetted list of active project


Community of like-minded individuals who are engaged in the investing space.


Be able to propose new projects to be added to the partnership list.


Be notified of new projects. Never miss a mint window as Multipass will be sending Discord announcements email/text reminders.


Avoid gas wars


Bragging rights (LeeLoo Dallas Multipass)

How much does it cost?



  • Comes with 3 months free



  • Continued access to Discord community
  • Access to private website section

Frequently asked questions

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Representing a project?

Get in touch if you'd like to implement MultiPass into your project. We'll be happy to talk about the possibilities.

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